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Women's Community Management Group is a State level women voluntary organization is registered under Societies Registration Act. Xxi-1860 with IGR, Cuttack. Presently the organization is working for the leprosy cured persons. It has taken the responsibilities of 165 Nos. leprosy cured patients from which 115 Nos. of leprosy cured patients are talking vocational training and 50 Nos. of leprosy cured patients are home based. All the home based leprosy cured patients are getting foods, health check up in a permanent basis.

Leprosy is one of the important problem in India. A number of leprosy cases are detected every year. The Govt. of India defined the goal to achieve the elimination of leprosy by end of the Century at District and block level.

our mission

To ensure easy access to education, health, employment opportunity to the poorest of the poor.

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To make aware the rural people arranging training for the women todevelop their leadership&managerial skills.

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We are humans

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Our Causes


We had established LCP Home during 1999 At - Santidana Leprosy Colony, Khurda. Now we have accomendated 50 Nos. of LCP persons with the financial assistance of Ministry of Social Justic & Empowerment Govt. of India. We are providing them early detection therapeutic service, health checkup along with referral service by part time Doctor Under the LCP Home free supply.


Regular periodical Health Check up camp is one of our continuing efforts in the remote rural areas in which Doctors & Health workers serve dedicatedly to provide minimum health needs of the people. The health check up camps were conducted at leprosy community of Khurda district, in which a total number of 460 patients were medically checked up.


In our awareness Programmes, Firstly we have brought home the fact that Leprosy can be altogether prevented provided its early signs & symptom are diagnosed. Secondly, we have encouraged the people that Leprosy cured patients can be ably engaged in gainful employments. Thirdly, we have urged people to treat the Leprosy cured patients as normal human beings in the society.


Through the process of rehabilitation activities we are providing vocational training to 115 beneficiaries for leprocy cured patients. In our V.T.C. unit we are providing Vocational Training of Commercial Arts, Cair, Bamboo handicraft the beneficiaries have been benefited by the organization & 148 nos. of baneficiaries have got placement service in different sectors.